Top 5 Australian Creatives

  • by Alex McBride

This week, Georgia, CRM and Ecommerce Coordinator at The 5TH, shares her top 5 Australian creatives with us on the Journal. 

A thoughtful collection of my favourite Australian Creatives that are sure to intrigue, surprise, and delight...

1. Stansilas Piehaczek 

Beauty and violence eased by heavenly pastel hues.
View more: @stanislas_piechaczekThe 5TH - Top 5 Creatives Australia

2. denHolm

Pieces exist somewhere between furniture and sculpture. 
View more: @den_holm

The 5TH - Top 5 Creatives Australia

3. Hattie Molloy

Curious and complex floral arrangements - that resemble a work of art. 
Instagram: @hattiemolloy

The 5TH - Top 5 Creatives Australia

4. Sarah Nedovic 

It's not just all about the ambience with these majestic ceramic lamps.
Instagram: @sarahnedovicgaunt

The 5TH - Top 5 Creatives Australia

5. Fleur Studios 

Unique furniture design that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.
Instagram: @fleurstudios_

The 5TH - Top 5 Creatives Australia


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